Ny SERIN 2022 container semitrailer

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Modell 2022
Type container semitrailer
Produksjonsår 05/2022
Sted Tyrkia Selçuklu / KONYA
Dato oppført mer enn 1 måned
Autoline ID WL12425
Antall aksling 3
Stand ny
Mer informasjon
Length —12500 mm
Width —2480 mm
Chassis —ST 52 material “I” profile how is produced by welding with gas,
King Pin —2” king – pin detachable from below made by
SAE standards 8 bolt type.
Axles —3 x 12000 kg carrying capacity SERİN brand
Loading Capacity — 40 ton
Distance Between the Axles —1320 mm
Brake And Air Suspension System
—Air Suspension
—Drum Brake System
—ABS WABCO Brake System
Base Floor & Container Lock —Skeleton
—12 Piece Container Locked
—1 PCS 40,
—2 PCS 20 Container,
Landing Gear —Double Speed,
—24000 kg carrying capacity,
—Mechanical Landing Gears,
Rear Bumper —Suitable 70/221 / AT-version of the rear bumper,
Chocks and Protective Barriers —Carriers with 1 unit wheel chock
Mud Guards —2 PCS galvanized steel mudguards with plastic edges.
Tires and Rims —6+1 PCS 385 / 65 R 22,5
Spare Wheel Carrier —1 piece tire carrier
Boxes —1 unit Tool Box,
—1 units of 6 kg of fire tube and plastic carriers
Water Tank —60 lit water tank which is made of stainless steel.
Paint —Material cleaned and grit (metal) material is blasting,
—2 Floor Epoxy primers are made and the desired color,
—In the final layer is painted with 2 coats acrylic paint,
Electric Installation and Lightning System —There are amber-colored lights in the side by 3 units,
—Park at the rear lamps,
—License plate lamp,
—Reflector triangles,
—Electrical system; Flame proof electrical system
2 X 7-pin electrical socket.
Accessories —Hub key,
—Axles Bolt Nut key,
—Tool box keys,
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