Ny No Till Corn Planter kultivator

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Kontakt selgeren
Type kultivator
Sted Kina Laizhou
Dato oppført mer enn 1 måned
Autoline ID KJ22125
Stand ny
Mer informasjon: Engelsk
Performance characteristics:

1. Traction operation, suitable for no-till and conventional sowing of corn straw full cover;

2. The number of operation lines is four, the line spacing is adjustable, and the working area is large;

3. Easy to operate and use, high work efficiency.

2BMF series heavy no-tillage precision fertilizing planter, "Granbo Saint" is a no-till seeding machine equipped with protective farming technology that introduces the production technology and production technology of Norwegian Grand Group. It consists of a traction frame part, a transmission, a ground wheel mechanism, a seeding unit, a fertilizing unit, and a hydraulic unit. The corrugated disc knives, seeding disc knives used in the seeding unit, and the notched disc knives in the fertilizing unit are imported from Spain's Bellotta Company; the tires in the ground wheel mechanism are for agricultural machinery provided by the American Carly Company. Tire; the core component of the seeder is a finger-clamp seeder provided by the American precision seeding company, the clock is precise and the error is small; all the bearings equipped with the car are imported from Mike, which is more durable and guarantees farming. Stable and efficient, greatly improve work efficiency.

Techinical Data:
Model No.:2BMF-2
Engine: 37-48KW
Size:3000x2000x1400 (mm)
Working rows:4
Adapting row spacing : 400-700mm
Operation width: 800-1400mm

Model No.:2BMF-4
Engine: 40-51KW
Size:3750x5010x1775 (mm)
Working rows:4
Adapting row spacing : 400-700mm
Operation width: 1600-3000mm
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